Contact: Casey & Micheline
Address: 450 8th st west Owen Sound, ON, N4k3m7
Email Address:
Phone: 226-664-6616
About Us
We are sister-in-laws who saw an opportunity at the Julie McArthur Regional Recreational Center (YMCA building) and in 2018 we took the leap and quit our jobs to start the cafe. We both had always dreamed of running our own cafe/restaurant, this looked like the perfect opportunity to get a start and still give us the time we needed with our young families. What started out as light snacks, baking and coffee available to who those who came into the building has expanded more into our vision and we have grown our small kitchen to be able to serve a much wider variety of foods (soup, salads, sandwiches, and dinners).

Menu: All our baking, soups and meals are produced on site and are nut free. We are firm believers is sourcing our ingredients from local producers and strive to support our community! Don’t hesitate to give us a call/email for further information.