Cirrus Hill Farm
Contact: McCall, JoAnn
Address: 197459 Grey Rd 7 Meaford, ON, N4L 1W7
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Phone: 226-668-1110
About Us
Cirrus Hill Farm, 50 acres of windswept grass on fragile clay soils overlooking Georgian Bay, originally set up for horses, has slowly evolved from pasture and forage into a more mixed farm model, using and teaching traditional husbandry methods to raise the poultry flocks who literally enjoy the run of the place. In addition to day-olds and started youngsters to establish new flocks, eggs for hatching and for table, we produce a variety of exclusive gourmet poultry products you just won’t find elsewhere. 5 species of domestic poultry: chickens, turkeys, French guinea fowl, ducks and geese all inhabit our peaceable pasture kingdom.

In 2002, JoAnn McCall and her then teenaged children found the perfect home for Miss Moneypenny, the show pony who was “in the family way. Moving to 50 horse friendly acres on the Escarpment above Meaford brought out the hidden farmers in a family of animal lovers, and soon the kids were baling hay and there were critters everywhere.

A life member of both Rare Breeds Canada and the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy, JoAnn has built an internationally important flock of endangered heritage poultry breeds especially suited to sustainable small scale traditional husbandry. She distributes day-olds through an annual Spring Hatchery and the shipment of fertile eggs to every province. JoAnn helps new poultry keepers to establish homestead flocks, and supports satellite conservation flocks all over North America.

Cirrus Hill Farm began with horse hay, and has never needed pesticides with all those little beaks to feed. Though third party certification would be prohibitively expensive, we sincerely believe that our methods meet or exceed all the published standards for humane animal husbandry and organic produce production we have ever found. Show us a better way, and we’ll do it.

We have a “mixed” operation, reproducing rare breeds and raising traditional gourmet food products. Full organic feed programs are used from hatching to sale for birds destined for food and for the Spring Rare Breed Hatchery, so our chicks can enter a certified program. Birds grown out for replacements and our breeding stock receive precisely compounded nutritional regimens that have conventional components, and will be so labelled when excess birds are offered for table use. Traditional French specialties utilizing our ducks are prepared exclusively for us by our favourite chefs.