Pheasant Hill Farm
Contact: Hill, Lisa
Address: 201093 Hwy 21, RR#5 Owen Sound, ON, N4K 5N7
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Phone: 519-377-6052
About Us
Pheasant Hill is a family-owned and -operated diversified farm located just west of Owen Sound on Hwy 21 near Alvanley. We have 103 acres total, 25 acres of which is hardwood bush covering the back of the farm. It accommodates a variety of wildlife and many endangered species. We have never used any herbicides or pesticides on the farm. We plan to leave our rock fence line intact to help protect the natural habitat so we strengthen a diverse ecosystem.

We raise pastured Berkshire pork and offer it in a variety of custom cuts and sizes or whole. We also sell whole pheasant, guinea fowl, duck, partridge and chicken, and free range chicken and pheasant eggs.

Lisa and Ivan Hill started diversified farming in 2005. They were looking for a way to support themselves while working from the home farm and be able to provide their children, grandchildren and the public with food of exceptional quality. They love the challenge and the feeling of fulfillment they get from working with animals and Mother Earth. Lisa and Ivan believe you need to love the work you do, and working with livestock from start to finish is very gratifying. Every part of an animal has a purpose and they try to maximize that, nose to tail. Lisa's favorite farm activity is feeding and watching the animals. The majority of the animals raised on their farm are free-range.

Lisa and Ivan find it very fulfilling to be able to sit on the swing in their orchard in the evening to watch the hundreds of chickens, ducks and guinea fowl wander out from underneath the shaded hedges and stone fences for a snack before they retire for the evening. When not farming, you can find the Hill family fishing, hiking, cooking and practicing their photography skills.
We feed our animals only locally milled non-GMO pellets recommended by the nutritionist to ensure a correct balance of all necessary nutrients.  All our animals are raised outdoors, free-range on pasture.  The pheasant and guinea fowl are grown in large flight pens under netting so they can fully feather and fly.  The green feed that grows abundantly in the pens attracts insect life, a natural part of the required high protein diet of pheasants.  The green feed and insect life also provide an entertainment factor for the birds, which is most important in raising healthy birds, as cannibalism resulting out of boredom can be a problem.