Yorkshire Valley Farms
City: Peterborough, On,
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Phone: 180-830-7838
About Us
When our founding farmers started farming in Ontario many years ago, they chose to grow organically because they knew it would provide the best products for their families and friends. Now that the next generation of farmers has taken over the land, they still feel the same way. That’s why Yorkshire Valley Farms is committed to bringing you the highest quality organic poultry. Our focus is, and always will be, to offer you organic products you can feel good about, for your families and the world we live in.

“We’re proud to produce a healthy product for a growing population in an environmentally conscious way.” Thomas Ahrens, founding farmer.

We work diligently to ensure our farmers and production partners uphold the organic requirements at all stages. All partners are expected to adhere to our Code of Conduct. Maintaining the trust that you put into the organic label is what drives us each and every day to produce products you can purchase with confidence.
It ALL starts at the farm. Our family-run farms work to the highest organic standards and are certified by Pro-Cert Organic Systems. Here, our birds are raised on wholesome, non-GMO organic grains with no added antibiotics. They also have space to roam in modern barns with natural light and ventilation, and have seasonal access to outdoor pastureland. This more holistic approach helps reduce bird stress, allowing their own immune system to keep them healthy. And we think you’ll agree it makes our products taste a whole lot better too!


Our barns are equipped with natural ventilation systems that allow fresh air to circulate through the barn, as well as windows that allow natural light into the barn. We do not use artificial light to over-stimulate our animals. Organic practices mandate double the barn space of conventional poultry standards, so the animals have room to roam within the barn and are able to display natural behaviours like spreading their wings and dust bathing. Our chickens are never kept in cages or forcibly confined.

All of our barns allow for seasonal access to outdoor pastureland that is also managed organically, which means we never treat it with synthetic chemicals, herbicides or pesticides. Once the animals reach a certain age and size, they have the option to go outdoors. The varied climate of Ontario can be a challenge for our animals, so our farmers take into consideration temperature and weather, as well as how to manage potential predators. Our farmers are always conscientious of maintaining optimal animal health and providing a safe environment.