Not Yer Granny's Granola
Contact: Daniela & Paula
Address: 6 - 240 Bayview Drive Barrie, ON, L4N 4Y8
Email Address:
Phone: 705-252-0088
About Us
Not Yer Granny’s Granola was established to emphasize that our granola, packed with nuts, seeds and
fruits, was closer to a trail mix and different from the 1960’s, traditional, bland, boxed granola found on
most grocery shelves.
The chef inspired receipes were passed on to Daniela and Paula, from the original owners, where they
do all the baking, packaging and promoting themselves. Today they have their own commercial kitchen
and retail in independent grocery stores, health food shops, speciality stores, cafeterias and cafes
throughout Ontario.
It's whole grain oats, great source of fiber, preservative free and no artificial flavours is perfect for
snacking, smoothies, acai, fruit and yogurt bowls. We use real ingredients and gently roast our blends in
small batches for that nostalgic Saturday morning bakery aroma and wow taste experience. That's what
we call guilt free snacking!
Non-GMO • Whole Grain Canadian Oats • Gluten Free Certified • Ontario Maple Syrup • Preservative
Free • Chef-Inspired Flavours • Hand Made in Small Batches.
We’ve taken out the ‘blahhh’ and added the ‘ahhh’ to our gourmet Granolahhhh.
Way too good to hide on the cereal shelf, GRANOLAHHH is an anytime, anywhere snack, and totally
Add more ‘ahhh’ to your day with GRANOLAHHH!