The Chocolate Garden
Contact: Zatzman, Marni
Address: 766 The Bury Road Lions Head, ON, N0H 1W0
Email Address:
Phone: 519-793-6260
About Us
The chocolate garden is nestled in the middle of the beautiful Bruce Peninsula. We specialize in gourmet truffles and layered chocolates.

Marni moved to a 100 acre property on the Bruce peninsula with her husband and growing family 8 years ago. She tends a large garden for her family and chocolate business. Marni likes to incorporate as many items from her own garden and property into her chocolate as possible. Including items such as wild blackberries, hot chili peppers and home made maple syrup. She loves the ritual of making maple syrup. She says it has become as much a part of spring as the melting snow. When not making chocolate or tending the garden Marni can be found skiing, running, dancing, doing yoga or exploring the Bruce with her children. She says this also answers the FAQ of how she can eat so much chocolate!

We use imported Belgium chocolate. Fresh local ingredients are incorporated whenever possible, such as wild blackberries, hot chilli peppers, and homemade maple syrup.