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Phone: 226-974-1212
About Us
We make delicious snacks containing high-protein crickets.
Over 2 billion people around the world already enjoy insects as a healthy part of their diet. In North America people with food allergies, those wanting to make a positive environmental difference, and adventurous souls are all starting to incorporate this amazing food into their diets! There are two main species of crickets grown in North America, of these we grow the Acheta Domesticus, which is largely considered to have the best better taste and texture. First time tasters are always amazed at how light and crispy our crickets taste!

Health Benefits:
•Great source of protein
•Excellent source of B12
•High levels of Calcium, Potassium and Iron
•Prebiotic! Can help support the growth of beneficial gut bacteria. Eating crickets may also reduce inflammation in the body.
•Complete Protein all 9 essential amino acids.

Our crickets are grown in high-tech, incredibly clean conditions, ethically harvested and flavoured to perfection. We grow and process our crickets in small craft batches. After harvest we use only the finest spices to flavour to perfection.

Yes Crickets have a simple ingredient list and no preservatives.