Lena Landei Country Culture
Contact: Kleist, Magdalena
Address: 596769 Concession 10, RR#5 Chatsworth, ON, N0H 1G0
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Phone: 519-270-2418
About Us
In 2010 Lena moved to Grey Country after working on farms and at market gardens on no less than three different continents. She believes in biodiversity and balanced ecosystems, and wanted to farm outside the monopoly of global agribusiness. She enjoys working with the soil, plants and animals and seeing them all grow. She also likes the physical aspects of farming and working outside. Lena has a degree in agriculture with the focus on organic farming and rural development as well as a trade certificate in horticulture.

About the Farm

In 2016 I purchased my own piece of land in the rolling hills of Holland Township just west of Walter's Falls in the heart of Grey County. Although this gives
Me the opportunity to build up
And expand my own farming operation I still start to settle down now and build up my own farming operation I still maintain a full-time job working on a nearby dairy farm. I am farming full-time on the farm and off the farm so to say.
Besides selling my produce fresh, I also make preserves like relish, salsa, pickles and jams. I also grow a variety of heritage beans and peas and sell their seeds to help preserving the diversity of our food crops.
My small flock of sheep is pastured during the growing season and fed hay in the winter. I do not use any commercial feed like lamb starters, and I only supplement with whole mixed grain, a mineral/vitamin mix and salt. My sheep are mainly raised for meat but I also sell breeding stock and lamb skins.
Naturally grown lamb, pasture raised without the use of antibiotics, hormones, or commercial feed. Rotational grazing system that gives the flock access to a fresh pasture every day. Lambs stay with the ewes to nurse before they are weaned at 5 to 6 weeks of age. Unblemished lamb, male lambs are neither tail docked nor castrated.

Naturally grown vegetables with many heritage varieties. No pesticides, no GMOs, no hybrids.

"Home made" jams and preserves. According to governmental regulation food prepared for sale has to be processed in an inspected kitchen. So the jams and preserves are not really made at home but in a rented kitchen. However, they taste just as good. Processed vegetables and fruit are grown on the farm or in the neighbourhood. Recipes are chosen or adapted according to what grows in the garden.