The Wellness Refinery
Contact: Saida Ilaqua, Caroline Ilaqua
Address: 656 Main Street Sauble Beach, on, N0H 2G0
Email Address:
Phone: 519-422-0111
About Us
The Wellness Refinery rides the space between well-being and free-spirited living. Our team is incredibly inspired by the high energy + good vibes surrounding Sauble Beach and the community it encompasses and continues to grow within this ever-flowing beach town.

From our humble beginnings as a seasonal pop-up, our community has never stopped growing, and though we’re constantly evolving, we have always remained rooted in wellness. We understand that small decisions make big differences, and for the sake of our community and for our earth, we continually strive to be mindful about the choices we make, bringing us all together in pursuit of a whole and balanced life! Staying connected to you is important to us, whether it’s through our community events, sharing the story of our everyday lives through social media, or striking up inspirational and informative conversations through our blog – we’re here to reach you however you stay connected!
Designed by expert nutritionists, our products celebrate the deliciousness of whole food.