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About Us
To add an exciting new option to the world of non-alcoholic, fermented beverages;

To produce approachable fermented beverages for people new to fermentation; and

To offer a healthy alternative to mainstream soda pop
Not to be confused with other ginger beers on the shelves today, which contain a variety of ingredients (some natural, some not), and are force carbonated, real ginger beer was originally a fermented beverage, brewed in England as far back as the mid-1700s.

Gingerbug Ginger Beer is inspired by this original version, brewed in oak barrels, using four simple ingredients: organic ginger root, organic cold pressed lemon juice, organic cane sugar, and reverse-osmosis filtered water. That’s it.

Carbonation of our ginger beer is achieved using 'wild fermentation,’ which simply means that our beverage relies on naturally occurring bacteria and yeast (from both the air and from the ginger root itself), rather than using a controlled starter to determine the outcome of the beverage.

The combination of ginger root - which has long been revered as a natural, digestive aid - and the beneficial microorganisms resulting from fermentation, make our ginger beer the healthiest ginger beer you can buy. Each bottle of Gingerbug is packed with naturally occurring probiotics, which can aid in digestion, assist the body in breaking down food and absorbing nutrients, and help to fight off disease. The result is an unparalleled beverage that is both full of life and flavour - an exciting balance of health and enjoyment using only four ingredients.