Zettel Family Farms
Contact: Ted, Mark and Sam Zettel
Address: 83 Concession Rd 6 Chepstow, ON, N0G 1K0
Email Address:
Phone: 519-372-5313
About Us
Zettel Family Farms is an organic mixed farm in Chepstow, Ontario. We produce microgreens, grass-fed beef, pastured pork and chicken, and garden vegetables on our roughly 500-acre grass farm. We are a family business, proud of the fact that our predecessor Englbert Zettel put his roots down on this land around 1860, and Zettels have been living and farming here ever since. We began farming according to Organic practices in the early 1980's, before it was "cool." We believe that our people-intensive farming methods, and the care we have for the land and our animals, make a difference you can taste and see.
- Organic -
As a certified organic farm, we forego "normal" farming practices and adopt natural, pesticide-free and herbicide-free ones. Everything we sell and feed our animals is produced in this way. Our farming practices and standards meet the CFIA's organic regulations, earning all of our products the certified organic logo. We submit to regular inspections by Pro-Cert.

- Ethical -
We consider ourselves to be stewards of our land, animals, facilities and energy sources. They are gifts to us, and we try our best to care for them and treat them with the utmost fairness and respect. This effects how we treat our animals, the conditions they live in, the food they eat, and how we impact the environment.

- Sustainable -
Our farm is people-intensive. We believe in hard work, and the intense human investment we put into our products is evident in the quality of the final product. We are indeed "farming for the future," working toward a sustainable farming model for our children and their children to appreciate and enjoy.