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Stoeckli Organics Teas & Herbs
Contact: Stoeckli, Susie
Address: 985 Concession 9 Kincardine, ON, N2Z 2X6
Phone: 519-396-8750
About Us
Susie learned organic farming in Switzerland as a young farmer before coming to Canada. She has farmed this way for her entire career. The herb garden is a relaxing and fun place for Susie and is her hobby and rest bit from organic dairy farming. The tea business spring from this hobby into a passion. Susie enjoys continually reading and learning more about herbs and how they can benefit our health. Her favorite activity is picking and bundling the fresh herbs on warm summer days.

We work a 150-acre certified organic dairy farm located in Kincardine, ON. We are a member of Organic Meadow, an organic farmer owned co-op, and milk 25 cows who graze on pasture from spring until fall. We also have a large herb and vegetable garden where we grow mainly culinary and medicinal herbs which are used to make herbal teas, cosmetic products and culinary blends. Our farm fresh herbs, vegetables, free-range eggs and freezer veal can be purchased at farm gate or at the Kincardine Farmers Market which runs from May to October. Our goal is to farm as environmentally and animal friendly as possible and produce quality local food. We believe in Eat Fresh, Eat Healthy, Buy Local and Support Small Farmers.
Teas, spices and cosmetics are handcrafted from certified organic herbs, grown on our family farm. We hand harvest our herbs in order not to damage the leaves, minimizing the loss of their precious volatile oils, which means they retain their freshness, flavor and healing power. The herbs are then dried in a well ventilated room and stored in sealed glass jars or paper bags. Our herbal teas are designed to help repair damaged tissues, soothe the nerves, and calm the spirit.