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WoolDrift Farm
Contact: Axel Meister
Address: RR #3 636424 Euphrasia-Holland Townline Markdale, on, N0C 1H0
Phone: 519-270-7039
About Us
WoolDrift Farm is a pioneer in Canada’s sheep dairy industry. In 1994, we were the first to import East Friesian sheep embryos into Canada, and in the 24 years since, we have worked long and hard to improve the genetics of our purebred East Friesian flock.

We specialize in producing quality sheep milk for processors and delicious artisanal products in a provincial licensed facility.
We strive to have a sustainable farm that benefits the animals, the family and the community. Our ewes are pastured during the milking season, usually from late April or early May until November. We try to maximize milk production from grass with the help of rotational grazing and use only limited amounts of locally bought grain in the milking parlor.

We always welcome visitors to our farm near Walters Falls, Ontario, where they can see what we are doing