Better Together Farms
Contact: Campbell, Rob
Address: 316337 Highway 6, RR1 Chatsworth, ON, N0H 1G0
Email Address:
Phone: 519-377-4857
About Us
Better Together Farms is located just north of Williamsford on the banks of the Sydenham River. Our name reflects the value we place both in biodiversity on our farm as well as in selling and sourcing locally as much as possible to build our community. We are a small diversified farm, raising pork, certified organic vegetables and more in accordance with agro-ecological and sometimes permaculture principles.
Our pigs eat, sleep and play with the sun on their backs and the breeze in their hair. Our pigs are pastured with an organic ration supplemented by some of our certified organic veggies. We use NO chemicals in their feed or bedding, NO GMOs, NO animal by-products, and NO antibiotics (but we would treat any serious illness if it arose).