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Better Together Farms
Contact: Campbell, Rob
Address: 316337 Highway 6, RR1 Chatsworth, ON, N0H 1G0
Phone: 519-377-4857
About Us
Better Together Farms is located just north of Williamsford on the banks of the Sydenham River. Our name reflects the value we place both in biodiversity on our farm as well as in selling and sourcing locally as much as possible to build our community. We are a small diversified farm, raising grass-only certified Angus beef, organic (but not certified) vegetables, and sometimes more in accordance with agro-ecological and sometimes permaculture principles.
We strive to be a farm for the future: addressing both climate change and energy descent. The main ways are through regenerative agriculture (driven by our holistically managed grass-fed beef), localizing supplies and customers as practical, and managing in such a way as to require fewer inputs and less fossil fuels in the future. Permaculture, soil carbon sequestration, and agro-ecology inform our approach. Vegetables are important for feeding people and part of our farm, but we realize that they deplete the soil and are labour-intensive so we fit them in as practical.

Our black certified Angus cattle spend their whole lives on pasture with their family unit. They only eat pasture, hay, and some free-choice supplements (the way we would take multi-vitamins as nutritional insurance). Other than a shot of vitamin E + selenium for new-borns and vaccinations they receive no preventative medications; we do our best to raise them in an environment similar to that in which they evolved, and let their food be their medicine.