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Springhills Trout Farm
Contact: Arlen and RJ Taylor
City: Williamsford, ,
Phone: 519-375-6860
About Us
Our parents Jim and Lynette opened our first farm in 1995, named Cedar Crest Trout Farm. Over the years we’ve expanded to five farm sites that are now run by sister-brother duo Arlen and RJ Taylor. Today the Cedar Crest family includes 12 full-time staff, with occasional supervision by Arlen’s 5-year old son Ivo!
We grow rainbow trout, Arctic char and coho salmon at sites near Hanover and Chatsworth, Ontario. Our hatcheries are Ocean Wise Recommended and certified sustainable by the Best Aquaculture Practices program.
All Springhills Trout are good for you, and good for the planet! Our farms are all Ocean Wise Recommended and certified sustainable by the Global Aquaculture Alliance's Best Aquaculture Practices program. That means we follow strict guidelines for how fish are cared for, how clean the water is, and the quality of their food.

We got our start filleting fish five years ago when we bought Springhills Trout Farm, an older farm with a small smokehouse, and we haven’t stopped growing thanks to loyal customers like you! Today, each one of our fish are raised in natural spring water, are certified sustainable, and are fully traceable farm to fork.

At Springhills Trout, we fillet and trim every fish by hand. This artisanal method makes it difficult for us to get pin bones out of every fish. Depending on the size of the fillet, these pin bones will often disappear while you’re cooking the fillet.