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Two Birds One Stone
Contact: Kimberlee Lowry and Heather Newman
Address: 901 hwy 21 RR#1 Kincardine, On, N2Z2X3
Phone: 226-222-1469
About Us
Because two heads are better than one, Two Birds One Stone is the partnership of two small business owners/moms.

We believe that local food nourishes our bodies and our communities and we want to share that with you.

Our products are designed to bring local flavour into your kitchen with ease.

Two Birds One Stone products are made using ingredients from D&H Newman and other local farms. All of our products are made in small batches in a certified kitchen. We work hard to source our ingredients as locally as possible.
Our main source of ingredients is D&H Newman farm.
The free range heritage Chickens for our broth are grown there.
Garlic and other vegetables are grown on D&H with out the addition of herbicides or pesticides. D&H loves growing heirloom varieties, including over 50 varieties of garlic that you can find in Two Birds One Stone Products.