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Donald's Honey
Contact: Gabriel & Dayna Donald
Address: 3599 28th ave east RR#1 Owen Sound, ON,
Phone: 519-477-1818
About Us
At Donald's Honey we are passionate about sustainability, knowing where the food we eat comes from and how it is grown! We are Dayna & Gabriel Donald and we manage 200 hives as well as garden close to 2 acres which we produce a wide array of fruit, medicinal/culinary herbs and seasonal vegetables. All of our practices in our bee yards and gardens are done without the use of chemicals, antibiotics, herbicides and pesticides. We produce raw and unpasteurized honeys as well as a line of creamed honeys and infused honeys which we infuse with plants from our gardens. What gives our honey it's amazing taste is the simple fact that we use no heat in our extracting line, do not finely filter our honey, leaving it as naturally intact as possible filled with all the flavor and medicinal goodness you want in your honey!