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Poechman Family Farm
Contact: Poechman, Gerald
Address: 1611 Poechman Lane, Sideroad 30 Walkerton, ON, N0G 2V0
Phone: 519-364-5657
About Us
Gerald & Marlene farm 400 rolling acres of cash grain, forages & pasture in the Hanover area, along the winding Saugeen river. The soil is managed for aggressive carbon-building within the context of a progressive, innovative, productive system. A complex crop rotation attempts to keep soil covered as much as possible.
An early innovation in organic poultry has led the Poechmans to a pastured, free-run system of producing organic eggs. Our birds are happy and show their gratitude with their abundant egg-laying habits. Roosters accompany the girls for security & socialization. All the feed is prepared daily, on-farm, with mostly home-grown grains & oilseeds. Our eggs are hand-gathered, sorted and cooled for maximum freshness every day. The eggs are graded at HARC industries in Hanover, a great place for the engagement of the mentally & physically challenged. Our eggs are nature’s golden nugget in a perfect ready-to-serve package.