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Snowy Creek Bison Farm
Contact: Cornelius and Lizette
Address: 417 Balmy Beach Road Owen Sound, ON, N4K5N4
Phone: 519-374-3862
About Us
Snowy Creek Bison Farm was established in 2018 and is proudly owned and operated by the van Zyl family. Our farm is situated in Georgian Bluffs, near the shores of Georgian Bay. The beautiful Indian Creek flows lazily through the farm to add to its natural beauty and tranquility. The terrain varies between forests and plains, providing shade, protection and allowing ample area for our bison to roam freely. Our love for the North American landscape and its wildlife was the driving force behind this adventure.
We have been fascinated by all things bison ever since moving from South Africa to Canada nearly 30 years ago. We are enthralled by their majestic beauty, their strength, resilience and freedom, and the fact that they are fully adapted to their environment.
Our Bison herd is leisurely raised and finished on grass pasture only.They receive no hormones or steroids, and no grain supplements.They have access to clean drinking water, pumped to their water troughs with solar powered pumps. They have access to free choice minerals and salt. In winter their diet is supplemented with hay made on our own farms.
Our bison are free roaming animals and they move through the pastures as they please, with very little interference from us. They do not need any man made shelter for winter, and thrive in extreme weather year round. They are happiest when they can be running through the snow on cold and blistery winters days.
We are sensitive not to exceed our bison carrying capacity on Snowy Creek Bison Farm, ensuring healthy pastures and healthy bison.

We encourage you to try our bison meat not just for special occasions, but also for regular use. Bison meat have a light delicate flavour with a slightly sweet undertone.It is a healthy ,flavourful meat with high protein, high vitamin, high mineral and low fat content.
Visit our website for recipe ideas.