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Stewart's Fresh Produce
Contact: Stewart, Greg
Address: 245 Conc 13 West Elsinore, ON,
Phone: 519-389-1723
About Us
I grow vegetables using natural methods on the land I grew up on, just south of Elsinore. I'm currently working about 1.5 acres. I grow a little bit of everything, but mostly the staples: tomatoes, peppers, garlic, potatoes, carrots, beets, beans, peas squash etc... and some niche items like tomatillos, watermelon radish, and herbs. I make about 25 lbs of sprouts every week and have popular seasonal products like preserves and pesto. I also have a somewhat unique winter growing facility that allows me to experiment with off season growing, and produce hydroponic lettuce through the winter. I attend two markets per week ( Wiarton, and Owen Sound).
Greg started farming using natural methods over a decade ago. All of the inputs used in summer production are created on site, including compost, fish emulsion, fermented plant/fruit juices and worm castings. He doesn't use any pesticides, organic or otherwise.

Cover crops are used to build soil and suppress weeds. Living walkways, like clover between rows, and different mulching materials to reduce tilling and fix nitrogen in the soil. No-till beds reduce weed pressure. Bio-mulches to control soil temperature and moisture and, also, to reduce weeds... biodiversity in the hedgerows encourages diversity in insects and birds along with bee hives on site for pollenation.