Cedar Down Farm
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About Us
Cedar Down Farm has been growing food for Community Supported Agriculture since 2010. We recognize our privilege to be on the land and strive to use this privilege towards the well-being of our communities. We understand that we are on this land as a direct result of the displacement of Indigenous communities and the ongoing colonial system. We understand that merely acknowledging this fact is not enough and pledge to work towards reconciliatory justice. We will seek out opportunities to contribute to real solidarity and work within our community to this end.

The land on which we live and grow food is the traditional land of the Three Fires Confederacy of the Odawa, Potawatomi and the Ojibwe/Chippewas and subject to treaty 45 1/2.

Cedar Down Farm is a small scale, ecological farm in the loving care of Jeff Boesch and Leslie Moskovits. We grow certified organic vegetables for weekly farmshares through our Community Support Agriculture (CSA) program. Our farming methods aim to support and enhance the health of our soils and contribute to the health and sustainability of our local ecosystem. Our farm is certified organic and we do not use chemical fertilizers or pesticides, herbicides or fungicides. Each season we are improving our farming methods to take into account new methods and emerging research on soil health and ecological sustainability. Our farm is human-scale using a mix of hand tools and small tractor power.

Our goal is to improve the condition of our soil by farming in a way that fosters the health of the microorganisms that keep it alive. Some of the methods we use to do this are:

Extensive cover cropping and minimized tillage to build and maintain soil organisms, structure and health
Crop Rotations – to interrupt pest and weed cycles, protect soil structure, and increase soil fertility.
Addition of Organic matter- such as composted manures, and plant material through plow down crops.
Chemical free production- to keep our soil organisms alive and well
By paying attention to the health and biodiversity on and around our fields.
We also work to provide a healthy habitat for insects, birds and animals by supporting many wild spaces, wetlands and forest on the farm.

We seek to provide an equitable and enjoyable work environment for ourselves and our staff and we grow vegetables for CSA because we believe it is an equitable and sustainable way to deliver the highest quality, most nutritious vegetables to our community. CSA is a community-building model of farming and food distribution that guarantees that community members have access to fresh, healthy food while sustaining farms and farm livelihoods. The CSA model supports open communication between us and our community of eaters and maintains transparency so that members know exactly how their food is being grown.