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Eden in Season
Contact: Ivan Chan
Address: 138336 Grey Road 112, RR1 Meaford, ON, N4L 1W5
About Us
Have you nut herb I'm a berry fungi?

Ivan Chan established the Garden of Eating in 2014. Located in the valleylands just west of Meaford, this farm is the result of my combined years of permaculture practice of growing perennial produce on an array of lands nearby. We are now in the midst of building the homestead to better support a farmhood for both farmers and visitors, and to diversify production.
Of the 145 acres, the front 2 acres are designated for a low-intensity perennial polyculture of orchard trees, berry shrubs, and edible herbs. The remainder of the property consists of 40 acres of hay, and the remaining 100 acres in varying stages of reforestation for timber, shiitake mushroom production, and Mother Nature. We let nature regenerate itself by adhering to no-till and use no pest control chemicals. Only silage tarp is used as a long-term solution to smother weeds, improve soil health, and virtually eliminate machine mowing.