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Miller's Dairy
Contact: John Miller
Address: 7280 Simcoe County Rd.#9 Creemore, ,
Phone: 705-466-2525
About Us
We farm a well established 700 acre dairy and crop operation just outside the village of Creemore, Ontario. The farm is home to Jalon Jerseys, a 100% purebred herd, consisting of 120 milking cow and an equal number of young stock, for replacements. All feeds consumed by our cattle are grown on our farm with corn, soybeans and wheat sold as cash crops. Along with our own high quality feed, we also acquire the services of a professional nutritionist. We test our feed ingredients regularly for nutritional content which allows our nutritionist to balance the cow's diet. This keeps the girls healthy and happy. The farm has been in John's family for five generations and he has been a fluid milk producer for more than fifty years, when the Jerseys were purchased. The farm currently employs six full-time individuals and six part-time individuals including students, outside of our family.