Jewels Under the Kilt
Contact: Elisabeth Burrows
Address: 6325 Fifth Line Fergus, ON, N1M 2W5
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Phone: 519-362-1585
About Us
In 2010 my husband and I moved to a 90-acre farm in Fergus, Ontario to begin pursuing our lifelong dream of leading a rural life. We chose our farm because it had frogs. It meant freedom and youth and images of putting our feet in the water searching for tadpoles. We got so excited about nature and space that another dream was created: being environmentally conscious farmers.

How we decided on nuts:
We eat a lot of nuts! We love them and they're healthy. We would buy 50 lbs at a time and the nuts didn't taste good. So, we tried roasted nuts which tasted better but the process destroyed the health or nutritional benefits.

We were going to plant 5 nut trees for the family, but then we thought, why 5? So, we planted 100. The nuts tasted great. We loved living off the land. We gave them to our friends and neighbours, and for 2 years I would farm, cook and create recipes with our homegrown nuts. It was during this time we developed our patent-pending roasting process and created our maple roasted nut recipes. People loved them.
Jewels Under the Kilt was born.

Legacy for Jessie:
Our third dream. Our roasted nuts have brought our family together, our community together and even our country. Our daughter Jessie, who has Upsyndrome will have this as her legacy. From our family to yours, thanks for helping us pursue our dreams.
We are a nut and fruit orchard in Fergus, Ontario. Our patent-pending roasting process uses the last tapping of the finest dark maple syrup to preserve the nut during roasting.

North American Safety Certification